Watchtower 100+ standard Size Convertible - Black

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    • Holds up to 100 double-sleeved cards*
      and accessories
    • Includes removable accessories drawer and card holder, with independent access
    • Card holder can be used as a card stack holder to hold deck in place at the table
    • Cards are orientated to the front
      for direct visibility
    • Completely removable flaps.
      Allows Mix & Match customization
    • Flaps can be detached and clipped
      to the back side
    • Comfortable for left- and right-handed use
    • Powerful magnets for a precise
      and secure closure
    • Premium materials (Nexofyber surface
      + microfiber inner lining)
    • 100% compatible with convertible
      storage solutions, such as the Dungeon

    - $27.99

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